Monday, August 4, 2014

Hey Folks, Shalom! I pray that your temple is being restored as we speak.. Myochanics is going through some tremendous growth and we are exxcited to share it with you. After all, without you our Myochanics family we would not be experiencing such awesome growth. We are looking for therapists to help with our massage business and expand our reach tot he Texas area and to foreign states as well. LOL. Just kidding we love all our United States and the world. We have been blessed to treat and help clients from Colorado, Florida, California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Montana as well as internationally as far away as Japan, Iran, Poland and Ukraine. We are so blessed to be used in such a great capacity. As you know, Myochanics and the Maher family have launched an Education Campaign aimed at ending SADS (sudden adolescent death syndrome) in high school sports. It grieves us that more high schools are not yet exclusively using the MEDS product from Myo2MEDS. Myo2MEDS has no stimulants, such as caffeine. It has no dyes or artificial flavors, nor does it have sweeteners such as sugar or any other artificial sweeteners that could be harmful to your children. Please tell your school board and your Athletic Director or Sports Medicine coach about the implementation of MEDS for hydration in the hydration recovery campaign. Dehydration is not the absence of water but the absence of electrolyte minerals which enable the body to utilize the water in the body in order to remove toxic waste products via organs of elimination.
We are delighted to share the wisdom and the knowledge so that this years sports activities will be filled with joy and not injury. Got Questions? Call Rabbi Donald Maher LMT and Nutritional Liason 512-376-2877

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy

Are you or someone you know struggling with the label and/or diagnosis of diabetes?
Did you know that Diabetes is classified as a disease but that it is really a condition that can be corrected?
Diabetes is a mineral deficiency that is making pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars upon our lack of knowledge. We don't understand the 'label' so we simply accept it and look no further.
It is my position that diabetes is a curse from the doctors as it is not a genetic predetermined disease.
God's word says that He would not visit upon us the diseases that fell upon the Egyptians.
he says that if we 'hearken unto His words, we should surely live and not die"
Theology aside, everyone who is dealing with diabetes has abused one of several things and to deny it is lying.
We have either abused sugar, sodas, coffee, caffeine, alcohol or drugs. The diuretic affect of these substances is the cause of diabetes. We have urinated out all of our mineral content.
If by chance you can say that you have done none of these, then maybe you have struggled with bulimia or anorexia or maybe we have deep seated bitterness that drives my metabolism into overdrive. Something is wrong, and never do we have these conditions for NO reason. If a mother who is pregnant drank alcohol, sodas or abused caffeine or was taking blood pressure pills that leech out minerals such as HCTZ or any of its derivatives, this could cause an mineral imbalance leading to infantile diabetes or juvenile diabetes.
We have seen over and over testimonials of our clients who are dealing with diabetic conditions having their sugar numbers regulated by simply restoring the mineral content in their body.
We have Formula513 and Myo2MEDS that when used in conjunction with one another  the body is able to regulate the production and use of insulin.
Keep in mind if you have used insulin for years your body will have to learn how to produce insulin and use it properly as it has not had to do so for years. Its like you spoil your body; it doesn't have to do what it is supposed to because you do it for it. Kind of like how we raise kids today. There is no accountability.
Some people would rather belileve that they drew the short straw in life and that they didn't bring this upon themselves or their children.
I don't believe YHWH to be that kind of God. The Bible/ Torah of God says He is patient and kind, extending His mercy to the thousands. It says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, in His likeness and in His Image, placed in His kingdom and filled with His Spirit. 
How could it be that He would drop an unexplainable mystery upon us? Doesn't the Word say through Paul, Brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant about this mystery?
There are five key minerals that support healthy blood sugar levels and insulin facilitation.
They are:
  1. Chromium
  2. Selenium
  3. Boron
  4. Zinc

  5. Manganese
This is by no means belittling the value of Magnesium in the whole picture.
If you are tired of the label and the Dis-ease of Diabetes, you owe it to yourself to try the MEDS Monthly Pak and see how Wonderfully your body is created.
The Bible says in Matthew 5:13 You are the Salt of the Earth. But what good is salt if it loses its savor, and how can we make it salty again? For I tell you the truth, it is no good for anything but to be thrown into the streets and trampled on by men.
The root word for Salary is salt. The Roman soldiers were paid in salt. Why?
Because Minerals are salts and table salt is not the same. Table salt is an imbalanced sodium chloride and causes water retention and High Blood Pressure. Our Minerals are balanced and serve the body properly.
Money back guarantee.

Better Results Better Stamina Better You

As Myotherapists go, I am the craziest, most passionate about what I do.
I have sought to provide the very best in massage and in doing so I have come to an understanding of the things most needed both for the patient and the therapist.
In doing so We (my wife Annette and I) have developed incredibly affective techniques such as dynamic compressions, isolated contractile elongation (ICE) and comprehensive joint stretching.
Along with improved technique comes increased extraction of metabolic waste.
This demands an increase of the body's ability to handle and dispose of said metabolic wastes.
How do we do that?
With the Maher's MEDS tm. we can boost the body's ability to pull out toxins thereby supporting a return to homeostasis; normalcy and function.
With the MEDS  tm. product we boost the magnesium, chloride, sodium and potassium i n the body. We also provide 72 trace minerals in minute quantities that will add up and provide the cells with the electrolyte minerals/ nutrition for optimal cellular function.
If you are a therapist who deals with the fatigue of doing more than 5 treatments a day, you need MEDS.
MEDS will improve your overall mental clarity and bodily recovery.
The work out is only as good as the recovery. If you are fatigued and tired as well as sore, your technique is going to suffer.
if your technique suffers, you will undoubtedly hurt yourself and then you need to come to Dr. No-Knife at
If you feel great but you would like to boost your efficacy with your technique and your client loyalty, put to use the Myo2MEDS and the Formula513 MEDS products and watch your clients get the best results from you awesome techniques combined with your MEDS products.
therapist can add them to their protocol and boost your helpfulness to the client.
go to
and see what we have to offer.
"Dr. No-Knife"
Rabbi Donald  Maher Jr.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Alzheimer's and Dementia

Do you have someone in your life that is showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer's?
The fact that they are still living and that their heart is still beating is significant.
The brain has the ability to function quite well. At least we can agree that it works well enough to maintain proper heart function. All be it that some individuals will also present other maladies in conjunction with the above mentioned condition.
The collection of symptoms that accompany the cognitive disorder are all relevant.
They all point to the deficiency of minerals; i.e. electrolytes.
The brain operates via conductivity. Without the presence of electrolytes the blood, plasma and the interstitial fluid don't have the ability to provide conductivity for the electrical signals sent from the brain to the organs or the body's various systems.
So therefore we must provide the electrolytes that provide life.
Check into the Myo2MEDS TM. and Formula513 TM and take the 60-day challenge.
take the Myo2MEDS and  Formula513 for 60 days and feel the difference or your money back.
Some criteria applies to the money back guarantee. You must take the drops as directed without fail and we are glad to honor a money back guarantee.
Do have questions about how electrolyte replacement can help you?
Call me at 512-376-2877 and we'd be glad to answer your questions.
Want to help your massage clients?
Want to lose weight?
Want to help your clients or patients to achieve recovery faster?
Go to and get started today.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Osteoporosis and other female interests

If you are being told that you have osteo-pinia or osteo-porosis and you have been prescribed 'medicine' for it, I want you to read this and to ask yourself the question; How did grandma get to be 90 yrs old with out all this 'medicine' to rely on?
Something has indeed happened to cause so many people at one time to be using so many different medication for treatment of so m any disorders.
In order for a muscle to contract it needs ionized calcium to be released at the motor nerve junction in order to make a synaptic contact(to contract).
That ionize calcium requires the presence of magnesium in order for it to be attainable and usable.
When the calcium is unattainable due to the lack of magnesium in the muscle tissue the brain tells the body to steal some extra calcium from the bone in order to facilitate the contraction mechanism.
Muscles have a tendency to cramp more often when magnesium is not present because once again the magnesium is necessary for the utiliztion of Potassium.
So you say why do I need all that calcium anyway?
You don't need to be taking extra calcium, as it will lead to more vigorous muscle cramping and fatigue. This makes you feel older than you should and the end result is that you are still short on Magnesium.
Stop taking all those silly Osteo-drugs and rely on something sensible. Without Magnesium and a host of other essential minerals found in our Brand New Formula513 the body's enzymatic function is hindered and metabolic efficiency is compromised.
You will feel instantly energized by the high electrolyte content in our totally natural, stimulant free, Multi-Electrolyte Delilvery Solution
Women have a tendency to be more tense than  men by nature. Nevermind the fact that society has become rather hostile and the woman is usually the victim not the hostile perpetrator.
All this make us tense. Working 8 hours a day behind a desk, dealing with the public who is also hostile. And to the mother who works 18 hours a day; cooking cleaning, and raising a family. All these and more add to the stress level.
The lack of Magnesium in our diet can cause added fatigue in the muscles, constipation that can lead to ruptures, back pain, and colitis, hair loss, weak nails and hair, and muscle cramps are all signs of mineral deficiencies.
check into our website and get started on a whole new life with Formula513
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Prostate Problems?

Check out our new Formula513 for issues with Prostate and male E.D.
Studies have shown that magnesium is the critical component in your ability to utilize calcium in order to lower cholesterol and help with removal of athero-sclerotic plaque build up which causes erectile dysfunction.
We have seen many men restore their normal urinary function and restore vigor and stamina in less than a week.
Click on the image and learn how you can benifit from the safe and effective wisdom of Dr. No-Knife and his approach to wellness.
No drugs! No stimulants! Just Natural Nutrition and Viola!

Carpal Tunnel

Good Day to you, Do you know someone who suffers with 'corporal' tunnel? I get a kick out of how many different pronunciations of carpal tunnel we get in the world around us. People every day leave the doctor's office with the new title of carpal tunnel and they don't even know what it means let alone who to pronounce it. So today, Dr No-Knife will explain in a language even Lucille Ball could understand. Today more than ever people use computers. that repetitive motion with the hands in a pronated position (which is to have the arms out and hands facing down. The rotation at the wrist that allows the hand to face down is called pronation. There is a primary muscle responsible for that action and it is called Pornator Teres. that muscle will get 'hypertoned' (kind'a like Arnold Schwarzenegger is) only to cause a pinching of the median nerve. The pain documented from that particular muscle-nerve pinch (myo-neural impingement)is exactly what you would be suffering with if you 'had' carpal tunnel. At Myochanics Myotherapy Clinic also known as Caldwell County Wellness Center we treat the muscle condition all too often called and labeled 'carpal tunnel'. When I say we treat; what I mean to say is that people find complete relief from their pain through our techniques. With over 26 years combined experience; Husband and wife team; Donald and Annette Maher are so successful that they have international recognition. they don't call him Dr. No-knife fro nothing. The following is a picture of the muscle in question.
If you take the arm and extend it in front of you with the hand facing up; 1. you will notice that it is fatiguing fairly quickly. 2. take the opposing arm and hand and place the thumb of the opposing hand upon the inner elbow(medial epicondyle of humerus @ ulna) and apply lotion with moderate but careful pressure with the thumb. We will be slowly and deeply sliding toward the hand diagonally across the forearm. Picture an arrow pointing from the elbow to the wrist and crossing diagonally from inside to outside of the arm. Get it? Now slowly with the hand facing up glide repeatedly in a diagonal direction with a level of depth that doesn't cause you to tense up. As you progress in time doing this you will notice the decreased level of sensitivity. You may also notice some duplication of your pain complaints and/or your nerve sensations, numbness and fatigue. continue this method everyday as part of your routine. "If you expect to be able to drive this car, you have to learn how to change the oil."- Ace Mechanic Pappa Kline There was some wisdom in him. So schedule your appointment to see Mr. and Mrs. "Dr. No-Knife" at the Caldwell County Wellness Center in Lockhart Texas and begin your self-massage today! There is no other Myochanics Technique. We are proud to call Lockhart, Texas our home. Come to Lockhart, Home of the BBQ capital of Texas. We love 'em all and they are all within one mile of each other. And the best rub of all goes to... > > > > Myochanics Myotherapy
Think Outside the Box!
We have better more effective remedial soft tissue therapy than you'll find anywhere and we're proud of it. If you're still hurting, you haven't been to us.
Carpal Tunnel Treatments start at $350
5 visits in 3 weeks= guaranteed success!
No more going 6 weeks for recovery.
After 5 visits, there will be a re-evaluation and assessment to see where you are and where you want to be.
Book your stay at any one of Lockharts hotels.
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Call us today and get on your way to Wellness!